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Keep Pests Out

Eliminate sources of food and water wherever possible

Store food in sealed containers

Place garbage and trash in containers with tight fitting lids

Check plumbing and other areas for leaks and moisture buildup

Clean food and beverage spills as quickly as possible

Remove grease from cooking areas, fans, counters and floors

Remove trash, paper, boxes and other items that may provide hiding places

We communicate with the clients

  Safety is Priority  Communication is Key
   The safety and comfort of your residents is our first priority. Understanding that pests must be controlled to maintain optimum health conditions, we use a systematic approach to solving your pest problems utilizing an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) process. I.P.M. is a complex process which minimizes negative interaction between people and pests, while reducing the use of pesticides, in order to maintain a safe living environment.   Our process includes getting your residents involved by providing clear instructions of what they can (need to) do to achieve the best results and maintain a safe living environment. Prior to scheduled treatments, we will provide the residents a Resident Letter asking for their help and cooperation by following some simple instructions. Each resident letter provides instructions for specific type of treatment.
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